Japanese Tattoo Sunshine Coast

Japanese Tattoo Sunshine Coast

Japanese backpiece tattoos

Wabori House is a Private Tattoo Studio in the Sunshine Coast hinterland dedicated to classic Japanese style tattooing. Traditional Japanese backpiece tattoos are strong, bold and have been worn for centuries. This style of tattooing requires dedication and personal discipline.

Japanese Backpiece tattoo styles


A kameno-kou Japanese back piece tattoo is often referred to as a tortoise shell as it covers the thighs, buttocks and back.


Munewari is a split chest Japanese bodysuit. Somewhat shaped like a coat, the arms, chest, back and legs are tattooed, with an untattooed space down the middle of the chest.


Soushinbori is a full Japanese bodysuit. A Japanese style bodysuit tattoo includes sleeves, the back and all the way down to the ankles. Typically it is just the hands, neck, feet and genitals that remain untattooed.

What is Wabori?

Wabori is the term used to describe tattoos of Japanese designs. For example, tattoos of Japanese warriors, dragons, hannya and koi fish are all considered wabori. Western tattoos that have western designs are known in Japanese as youbori. ‘Irezumi’ is another word that is commonly used in Japanese tattooing - irezumi simply means to ‘insert ink’.

Japanese style tattoo artists

Eli Ferguson

Raised on the Sunshine Coast, tattooing has taken Eli around Australia and Japan to learn from the best and hone his craft.

12 years ago Eli commenced his tattoo apprenticeship in Brisbane under Australian Japanese tattoo heavyweight Brendan O’Connor. Working beneath Brendan, one of Australia’s greats, laid the foundations for Eli’s culturally respectful approach to making Japanese tattoos.

It was through Brendan that Eli was introduced to Japanese tattooist Satoru Koizumi (One Shot Tattoo) and embarked on his first trip to work in a Japanese Tattoo Shop in Okinawa in 2015.

Edward Neo

Edward is a Singaporean tattooer who has been tattooing on the Sunshine Coast for over 6 years. He sets his focus on creating large scale, impactful, and long lasting pieces that speak beyond aesthetics for his clients.

Being of Chinese descent, the oriental culture is deeply rooted in his upbringing. While he takes on a variety of styles, his passion gravitates towards the traditional form of Japanese tattooing, thus building his foundation around this style.


The Wabori house is the best Japanese Tattoo studio in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast by far. I recommend them to anyone looking for a Japanese Tattoo. I spent easily a full year browsing and consulting studios via Instagram and in person. After a couple of close calls, that I am incredibly relieved I did not pursue, I found Eli and Ed's studio. From the moment I received their consultation response I got those good vibes you only get when it feels right. My consultation was with Ed, his approach is very professional and friendly. The highlight for me is that they both ensure the piece adheres to the traditional Japanese style. They work with your idea, but the bottom line is to create a durable and traditional design first. As a person that has a half as sleeve that was 'a good idea but a poorly executed Japanese tattoo' that is a massive plus. I have attached photos of my design. It is flawless and I have received lots of compliments from people and tattoo artists alike and it is not even finished yet. I cannot wait to completely remove my other failed sleeve so Ed and I can start on that one as well. Thanks so much both!!!
Kylie Dickson
Kylie Dickson
I have been a client of Edward Neo for a number of years now. Edward's designs are amazing, he takes your ideas and turns them into artworks. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable during your session. Wabori House is located in a peaceful and private setting, perfect for tattoo sessions.
Jasmin Elliott
Jasmin Elliott
Highly recommend the Wabori House for anyone looking for a great artist. Edward’s work is amazing! Always so much attention to detail, great chats and a great environment to be tattooed.
Connor Griffiths
Connor Griffiths
Wabori house is a beautiful private studio tucked away in a slice of peacefulness and tranquility. I am currently getting a back piece from Eddy. His artistry and attention to detail is top level.
Wabori House is a hidden gem for those seeking both serenity and artistic expression. From the moment you step foot into Wabori House, you’re greeted with professionalism and warmth. Edward Neo has an excellent attention to detail and commitment to providing a top-notch service, evident in every interaction. Edward Neo translated my tattoo ideas into a stunning work of art, with intricate detail and precision. Wabori House prioritises health and wellbeing of their clients with comprehensive instructions on tattoo care. So, whether you’re a first-time tattoo enthusiast like myself or a seasoned collector, Wabori House is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and leave you with a masterpiece you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
Austin Rosenow
Austin Rosenow
Eddy is awesome, very professional and talented in what he does. Will always get my tattoos done here!
Pete Hocken
Pete Hocken
My only regret is that I didn’t find Eli sooner. If you are after the best traditional Japanese tattoo then Eli is the best. I have seen Eli now more than 6 times and the attention to detail in his designs and artwork is second to none. I will continue to see and recommend him to everyone looking for traditional Japanese tatts. Eli is extremely professional and the results clearly show. It’s a great honour to have many of his tattoos on my body. Check out his website.
Jaaz Dyer
Jaaz Dyer
Eli at Wabori House is an amazing artist and it was such a privilege to be tattooed by him and to have his work on me. He is professional, highly skilled and had amazing communication throughout the whole process and the studio is nice and private! Definitely the place to go if you’re after a traditional Japanese piece!
Tamati Bennett
Tamati Bennett
I highly recommend Wabori House. Wabori House is a quiet tattoo studio with a touch of serenity tucked away in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. It’s great to get a tattoo with no outside distractions. Eli Ferguson is a talented Tattoo artist and has done more than 20+ hours of work on myself and I love every piece he has done. Eli is easy going and a perfectionist when it comes to his work. My experience in dealing with Eli is he is very passionate at what he does and has an in depth knowledge of traditional Japanese tattoo which shows in his professionalism from design phase to completion. Eli is great and expressing what you are after in a design into a great art piece which I am proud to show. I myself did a lot of research on artists in the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast area and feel Eli is one of the best in this niche and highly recommend him to anyone wanting a Japanese Style Tattoo.

Japanese Tattoo Artists sunshine coast

Our process

Thinking of getting a Japanese style back piece tattoo?

Book a consultation

Large-scale Japanese tattoos (such as sleeves, backpieces and bodysuits) require dedication, patience and budgeting. We like to make sure if we are making this commitment to complete this work together, that we’re the right fit for each other. At your consult, we will discuss your tattoo design requirements, location and any questions you have. Use the ‘Tattoo Enquiry’ form below to book your consultation.

Pay deposit and book dates

When you are ready to proceed — we will offer you dates for 4 tattoo sessions (full day is 5 hours). We usually leave 2 to 4 weeks between appointments to allow the skin to heal.

A $200 deposit is required to secure these dates, and that amount is subtracted from your final tattoo session.

Get tattooed

Please arrive on time for your session. As the studio is located on private property, no earlier than 10 minutes is appreciated.

Payment for each session is required on the day of the appointment and can be made by cash or bank transfer.

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Our books are now open to new clients. Please book an obligation-free consult to discuss your ideas.

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Please fill in the form for all consult requests and bookings. All consults are free of charge. Tattoo appointments require a $200 deposit to secure the booking.
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    Please agree to the cancellation policy. I understand that I must pay a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure an appointment, once dates have been discussed. If you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment, this deposit is forfeited.*

    Tattoo Enquiry

    Preferred Days
    Please agree to the cancellation policy. I understand that I must pay a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure an appointment, once dates have been discussed. If you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment, this deposit is forfeited.*