Japanese Tattoo Sunshine Coast

Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Are you looking for Japanese tattoo ideas? Traditional Japanese tattoos are made up of many different themes and motifs. Here are some of the most popular Japanese tattoo subjects that we make at Wabori House Tattoo, Sunshine Coast.

Dragon Tattoos 龍 RYU

Koi FIsh Tattoos 錦鯉 Nishikigoi

Snake Tattoos 蛇 Hebi

Suikoden Tattoos

Japanese Frog Tattoos

Samurai Tattoos 侍

Lotus Tattoos 蓮 HASU

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 桜 SAKURA

Maple Leaf Tattoos 紅葉 MOMIJI

Shishi Tattoos / Foo Dog しし SHISHI

Chrysanthemum Tattoos 菊 KIKU

Peony Tattoos 牡丹 Botan

Oni Mask Tattoos 鬼 ONI

Tiger Tattoos 虎 Tora

Kintaro Tattoos 金太郎 ‘Golden Boy’

Momotaro Tattoos

Phoenix Tattoos 不死鳥 Fushichou

Skull Tattoos 頭蓋骨 Zugaikotsu

Kingyo Tattoos 金魚

Severed Head Tattoos 生首 Namakubi

Geisha Tattoos 芸者

Hannya Tattoos 般若 Hannya

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