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Japanese Tattoo History & FAQ

What does Wabori mean?

Wabori (和彫り) is the term to describe Japanese tattoos of Japanese designs. For example, tattoos of japanese style dragons, samurai and koi fish are all considered wabori. On the other hand, western tattoos that have western designs are called youbori.

What does Irezumi mean?

Irezumi (入れ墨) translates to “inserting ink”. In English, the word Irezumi is often used to describe the distinctive style of Japanese tattoos and tattoo styles originating in Japan. Although this word is commonly used in the west, it is more ‘correct’ to use the word horimono when referring to Japanese traditional tattoo styles popular in Australia today.

What is a horimono tattoo?

Horimono translates to ‘the carving of images’ and refers to a full-body tattoo with a cohesive design tailored to one’s body. It typically begins on the back (backpiece) and extends down one's legs, shoulders, arms (sleeves) and chest. Read more about Japanese backpiece tattoos here.

What is tebori?

Tebori translates to ‘to carve by hand’, and describes the technique of tattooing by hand using a bamboo or metal tool. This tool is called a nomi and has a set of needles fastened to the tip of the bamboo. This traditional Japanese tattooing method was prevalent in the 17th century, known in Japan as the Edo Period. We do not offer Tebori at Wabori House Tattoo.
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