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Dragon Tattoos 龍 (RYU)

BY ELI FERGUSON (HORI IIRAI 彫偉雷) located on the Sunshine Coast, queensland

Chosen by tattoo collectors for centuries, a Japanese dragon tattoo is a classic, timeless design. A popular subject throughout Japanese tattoo history, the dragon is often chosen by the wearer to symbolise wisdom, strength and power.

Known as ‘Ryu’ in Japanese, they are also said to be the bearers of profound blessings. The classic Japanese dragon tattoo takes on characteristics of many creatures. They are commonly tattooed with the body of a snake, scales of a koi fish, the mane of a horse, the snout of a camel, the horns of a stag and the talons of a hawk.

Dragon Tattoo Designs

Japanese Dragon Tattoo 龍 (Ryu)

In classic Japanese tattooing the dragon is depicted with three claws. The Japanese believe the dragon originated in Japan, and the further they are from home, the more claws they have.

Chinese Dragons are illustrated with four claws. Japanese dragons are both water-gods and creatures of the earth – equally at home in the water or up in the clouds.

It is common in Japanese dragon tattoo designs to combine the elements of wind, fire and water. This is said to represent a reconciliation of opposites, yin and yang.

Flames are often tattooed erupting from the Japanese dragon’s limbs, with water and waves as background.

Eli’s dragon tattoos are strong, classic pieces designed to suit the wearer, with respect to the history of classic Japanese tattooing. Working out of Wabori House Tattoo in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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